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Pants, lined in cotton fabric, knife pockets on the sides and tailoring pockets on the back. Go with the track.


Model is size M-40  and wears a size self-adjusting garment, which fits up to a size L-42.

PP-36,  P-38, M-40, G-42, GG-44


Print part composition: 46% cotton, 33% viscose, 13% modal, 8% linen, 2% elastane.

Lining composition: 100% cotton.

You can iron.

You can wash in the machine and spin.


When cleaning according to the washing instructions, place them to dry on a clothes hanger, saving electricity.

Pre-order hem adjustments will be free of charge.


Doubts go to the SAC or send an email:

Pants, print wings.

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Pre-order works like an order. It is not immediate delivery. 

    The discount on the total amount only works on pre-sales e after the period, the real value will be applied, R$ 1,412.00

    After purchase, a whatsapp conversation is initiated, for hemming adjustment details, discounted delivery and delivery date. You follow the entire manufacturing process from purchasing the fabric to posting it on the carriers.

    Deliveries take place from the 20th of July and according to the schedule for each purchase. 

    Shipping discounts. It is possible  to have part of the amount paid for shipping directly at the store, on the second purchase within the store. Ex.: If you paid BRL 40.00 in shipping on your first purchase, on your second purchase you will receive a 15% to 35% discount on shipping. 

    For more information call SAC.

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