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Long dress, with super wide pleated skirt, in Ecovero tricot, with upper part in Liocel Vicunha shirt. The print is exclusive to Adinkra.

Height: 1.41CM.   

Pix advantage: We adjust with your height. Just let us know. Send your height and the hem is ready for purchases by Pix.

Before buying, prepare yourself for this experience and pay attention to this information. Do you know what it is to produce under slow fashion? TΔ does not have a stock of finished products, it manufactures as orders arise, avoiding waste of energy, space and periodic discards, which is why our delivery time is longer than most in the market. Each product has different time, because of raw material and production. If you don't need this product right away, then buy it from us and support slow fashion in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. The best way to support a small brand is to buy their products.

Delivery time for this product: 8 days between production and postage + shipping (depending on the choice of shipping).

The model is size 38 -P  e  fits up to a size S-40.

Composition: Dress: 92% viscose Ecovero (sustainable) and 8% elastane. Liocell denim shirt.

You can iron.

Can be machine washed and centrifuged.


When sanitizing following the washing instructions, place them to dry on a clothes hanger, saving electricity.

Adjustments after product purchase will be charged.


Doubts go to the SAC or send an email:

Chemise, sustainable viscose and lyocell. TA Studios

R$409.00 Regular Price
R$209.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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