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No locks.

 Fluid life



And... Let go.

We understand that the search for lightness is important.

You must be asking yourself, why this talk about self-knowledge, healing techniques such as Thetahealing, Astrology and subjects related to this ethereal and even magical world here at the TA Studios brand? 

Well, the stylist and founder of the brand, who writes to you, is also a Thetahealer, Astrologer and sorceress apprentice, Womanist full of “the mandingas”. 

Not. I'm not giving up on the brand, but creating a way to unite healing and fashion.

When I experienced the discomfort with Fashion and asked life what my role in the world was, I looked for Holism, mystical, I went to the source of each religion and philosophy to understand and recognize myself. 

Since then, I integrate everything I learned into my daily love for fashion. For me, it has become conscious and decolonial, precisely because it can reformulate its entire space in society and help heal. Clothing is an extension of us and can help us establish our identity, from the inside out. It's not about serving fashion, but using it to serve us and help us build an authentic identity. The courage to break patterns and beliefs goes through clothes and looks. I believe in it. And I invite you to venture with me, along this road of self-knowledge, using all available tools, in the search for lightness and fullness, as possible.

A fraternal hug from Gi Caldas

About ThetaHealing®

Imagine that your life is an HD, that it is full, with addictions and patterns, slow, until it stagnates. Then a technician cleans the memory, upgrades the programs and everything starts flowing better. this is how the therapist acts on  your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual system, using the ThetaHealing® technique.

ThetaHealing® is an energy healing technique and, as the name implies, works with access to Theta waves.  Through a meditation conducted by the therapist in the session, beliefs, blockages and feelings that can be changed, creating a new reality for the patient. The technique was created by the American Vianna Stibal, and is capable of generating instant cures for a variety of diseases. 

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