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Store Policies

If there are any doubts, please contact us!

of Purchase

You have up to 7 calendar days after receiving the product to request a return or exchange.
According to the CDC (Consumer Protection Code) rules, the customer who makes purchases through virtual stores has up to 7 (seven) days after receiving the product to register the withdrawal of the purchase. Pursuant to Article 49, the consumer may, within a period of 7 (seven) days from the act of receiving the product, whenever the contract for the supply of products takes place outside the commercial establishment, especially by telephone, home or online purchase.

Sole Paragraph - If the consumer exercises the right of repentance provided for in this article, the amounts eventually paid, in any capacity, during the reflection period, will be returned immediately, monetarily updated.
The wish to cancel must be immediately communicated to TΔ. In the case of a return, the freight for sending the product to the store is at the expense of the customer and must follow the following rules:

store security

Cryptography is an advanced technology that allows you to transform into code the common language in which all personal data is transmitted, during a purchase process, over the internet. In this way, when purchasing on our website, any and all information you provide will be automatically encoded before being transmitted and filed in an internal environment that is exclusively accessible to our team.

The Ta Studios store does not retain credit card numbers. Therefore, it is necessary that, with each purchase, you enter the card number to be used. The padlock icon that appears in your browser is the certainty that you can buy with the utmost peace of mind.

inside the store

1) Cash payments through Deposit in Current Account:
The deposit must be made in cash, DOC or EFT (transfer between Itaú and Inter bank accounts) within a period of up to 2 working days from the date of purchase at a Banco Itaú branch or only online at the Inter digital bank.
It does not need to be identified deposit. If there is no payment after the deadline, the order will be automatically canceled by the system.
We ask that you send us a confirmation email after making the deposit so that we can expedite the release of your order.

2) Payments via bank slip or online payment (TEF):

- Payments via bank slip have up to 3 calendar days to make the payment, and you can pay it as soon as you print it, not having to wait the 3 days. Your order will only be sent after confirmation of payment of the bill by the bank to PagSeguro. This confirmation usually occurs the day after the payment, but the bank has a period of up to 3 days to transfer this payment to PagSeguro. If there is no payment after 3 days, the order will be automatically canceled by the system.
- The bill must be paid by the due date at any bank agency or via your bank's Internet. If the due date is Saturday, Sunday or National Holiday, you can pay on the 1st following business day.
If you are unable to make the payment within the deadline and your order has not yet been canceled by our system, please contact us by the next day of the due date, through one of our service channels and request the re-issuance of the payment slip. . A PagSeguro charge will be sent to your email used to register your account in our store. Enter your email, click on the link and you will be redirected to the PagSeguro page. If you already have a PagSeguro account, just log in to the site, otherwise create a free account. By accessing your PagSeguro account, you will see the payment sent. Click on Pay, choose the form of payment by bank slip and print it to make the payment. The previously generated and unpaid slip must be discarded and after a few days it will be canceled automatically by PagSeguro.

3) Payments by credit cards:
- Orders over R$ 350.00 can be divided into up to 3 interest-free installments.
- Or even installments in up to 18 installments (minimum installment of R$ 30.00 with interest of 3.99% pm) depending on your card.

Note: Orders not authorized by the credit card company will be automatically canceled by the system.

4) Payments with Pix are also accepted and made, via Pagseguro, internally or via Whatsapp, in direct sales. Direct negotiation through WhatsApp has a 5% discount.
Within the PagSeguro system, fill in all requested data without any abbreviation, full name and address with number, complement (if any), neighborhood, city, state and telephone with area code for contact (inform a telephone number that someone can answer in case confirmation of data by PagSeguro, it can be commercial, but not mobile).
We inform you that 3 orders generated and canceled due to non-completion of payment will be reason for your user to unsubscribe from our store.

Payment Methods

- Credit/Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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